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We appreciate that the construction industry has suffered from economic challenges for a period of time, struggling to recover to the pre-financial crisis levels. As such, it is imperative that you remain prudent with your financial outgoings.

By conducting a Risk Review of your business we will develop a thorough understanding of your business, to include the risks, policies, procedures and training that you may have in place. We will then work with you to ensure you are spending the appropriate amount of money on your insurance, for the right amount of cover, not overspending on anything you don’t need, whilst ensuring you are adequately covered.


It is common practice to use contractors and sub contractors but who is responsible for their insurance? If your answer is them, how can you be sure they have adequate insurance cover? What will happen to you if they aren’t covered?

Trust Insurance Group will conduct a full audit of all of your contractors to ensure that not only are their insurance policies up to date but that they are accurate. This will not only provide you with peace of mind by protecting you, as the policy holder, whilst ensuring that all parties are fully protected.

Business exposure

In addition to your liabilities, Trust will ensure you have adequate and necessary insurance for tools and items on site, in compounds and stored in vehicles.

Creating your bespoke policy

Acting as your Insurance Broker, Trust will approach insurance companies after a thorough review of you and your policies with a view to obtaining the best bespoke cover for you.

Quotes will be presented in a menu format and we will talk you through your options, including payment and instalment facilities. Working with you, we will build the most suitable insurance policy for your needs.

Post purchase

We will continue to manage your insurance policy throughout the year, keeping in touch with you to ensure details are kept up to date, so that we can work with you if any incidents should arise and ultimately to ensure the policy remains valid and reflects your needs.

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