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Domestic Insurance

At Trust Insurance Group, we offer a whole range of domestic and personal insurance services to help protect you, your home and your family, from household insurances to travel insurance.  Peace of mind comes with having the best cover possible for you and your family and our personal insurance solutions include:

Household insurance

Tailored solutions for your household.

Trust Insurance are able to offer you both a personal and professional service with access to a wide range of household insurance solutions. It is vital when considering protection for potentially your most valuable personal asset that you consider the insurance provided, and the value of cover given.

The solutions we have for all households, tailored to your needs, including cover for valuables, fine art, antiques etc.

We would be delighted to carry out a full review of your current arrangements, there is no obligation and at it is at our expense.

Private Car Insurance

A special vehicle requires special attention.

Private motor insurance is an extremely competitive marketplace with a number of providers, including both direct insurers as well as brokers, operating in this space.

Trust Insurance are able to offer our clients a full review of the marketplace whilst also specialising in the provision of family fleet cover enabling a number of vehicles to be covered under one policy.

We also specialise in covering high value vehicles and classic cars on agreed value policies.

By enabling Trust Insurance to protect your private cars you are assured of personal, professional advice.

Travel Insurance

It is true to say that not all travel insurance policies are the same.  It is vital when protecting yourself and your belongings whilst on your travels, whether they are for business or leisure, that your policy is able to react in the event of the worst happening whilst away from home.

The personal service offered by Trust Insurance enables us to fully understand your travel plans and your proposed activities and align a policy to your requirements.

Aviation Insurance

Trust Insurance have direct access into speciality partners within the London Insurance marketplace to provide our clients with comprehensive cover for all types of aircraft.

Our association with these providers ensures that we are able to offer competitive cover for the Aircraft whilst in flight, taxiing or on the ground, as well as the relevant legal liability covering bodily injury or property damage to third parties and passengers.

Yacht Insurance

Plain sailing.

Trust Insurance are able to provide insurance cover for all types of craft, whether you are looking to cover your yacht, super yacht, canal or narrow boat, speedboat or dinghy.

We are able to cover craft in marina and whilst in use, covering your craft and associated property as well as your liabilities as a boat owner.

Did you know...

Trust also offer a complete range of business and commercial insurance products too? Click here for details.

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