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Running a business within the hospitality industry, whether that’s a busy hotel, restaurant, bar, resort or venue, it is not without its challenges. Without the right cover in place, a catastrophic event like a flood or fire could cause you and your business serious financial implications. You’ll also need peace of mind that you have the right cover in place to protect your staff, as well as customers and visitors to your premises.

Are you confident that your current insurance policy does all of these things?

Initially, whatever the size of your business, we will work with you to understand your core business activities and the types of risk you face by visiting you on site and conducting a Risk Review. This will allow us to produce a comprehensive understanding of your business, from the construction of the building(s) to security measures in place, from staff training to public signage and so on.

Key areas of insurance in the hospitality sector

If you run a bar, restaurant or hotel, you know that there are plenty of risks that can jeopardise your business. Long opening hours, late closures, overcrowding and inebriated customers are all potential risks that you could face at one time or another.

We will ensure your insurance policy covers your liability against injury, loss and damage to customers or people visiting your premises. As well as your staff and any food or drink supplied within your venue.

Business Interruption

Unlike other sectors, businesses within the hospitality sector are 100% reliant on their premise(s) in order to be able to trade. We will ensure you have adequate cover for business interruption so should an incident arise where you are unable to operate for days, months or even years, your insurance policy will cover you for loss of earnings in addition to the cost of repairing any damage.

Creating your bespoke policy

Acting as your insurance broker, Trust Insurance Group will approach insurance companies after a thorough review of your business. We will present you in the best possible light and therefore obtain the most suitable, comprehensive quotes for you.

Quotes will be presented in a menu format and we will talk you through your options, including payment and instalment facilities. Working with you, we will build the most relevant insurance policy, to ensure you have complete peace of mind should you need to claim through your insurance.

Post purchase

We will continue to manage your insurance policy throughout the year, keeping in touch with you to ensure details are kept up to date, so that we can work with you if any incidents should arise and ultimately to ensure the policy remains valid and reflects your needs. Should you ever need to claim, we can assure you that we will support you throughout the process.

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