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Whatever the size of your business or the complexity of the processes involved, the manufacturing sector can be a little overwhelming in terms of insurance. Not only do you have your business and personal liability to consider, you may also rely on the insurance of multiple suppliers for the movement of stock. Are you confident you are comprehensively covered in these areas? Are you sure your suppliers are covered should an incident arise that affects you?

The first thing we will do for you is visit you on site to conduct a Risk Review. This will allow us to produce a comprehensive report of your workplace, from construction of the building to security measures, from staff turnover to training and health and safety policies.

Movement of stock

Whether stock is coming onto your premises or being sent on to storage or the end client you may be relying on cover from the Road Haulage Association for up to £1500 per tonne of product. If you work with bricks, that’s great but if you are working with electronic goods, will this be enough?

Trust Insurance Group will work with you to reduce the cost of your movement insurance – you may need less cover for a raw product entering your premises than you do it leaving. In this instance we can look to increase the insurance through the product journey, during its storage if required and whilst it is moved to the end user.

Not only can this be cost effective, it will also give you control over the process, you will know your insurance limits and won’t be reliant on multiple supplier policies.

Business Interruption

As well as your premises, machinery and any vehicles, we will ensure you have adequate cover for business interruption so should an incident arise where you are unable to operate for days, months or even years, your insurance policy can cover you for loss of earnings as well as additional costs.

Creating your bespoke policy

Acting as your insurance broker, Trust Insurance Group will approach insurance companies after a thorough review of your business and your requirements in terms of movement of stock.

We will present your bespoke quotes in a menu format and talk you through your options, including payment and instalment facilities. Working with you, we will build the most relevant insurance policy, at a competitive price.

Post purchase

We will continue to manage your insurance policy throughout the year, keeping in touch with you to ensure details are kept up to date, so that we can work with you if any incidents should arise and ultimately to ensure the policy remains valid and reflects your requirements.

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