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The print industry is saturated with a number of specialist insurers, offering standardised insurance schemes. This makes purchasing insurance fairly straightforward and ensures that the price of insurance, particularly within this sector, is very competitive.

This all sounds great but how can you be sure you are fully covered by the standardised schemes? Are the automatic limits and standardised cover actually enough to cover your equipment and/or premise(s)?

Cover for your machinery and contents

In order to ensure you are fully covered, we will visit you at your place of work and carry out a Risk Review. As part of this we will look at the equipment you are working with, in addition to the materials you are using. This will ensure your stock is appropriately insured throughout its journey, from raw material to a wall mounted canvas.

Cover for your raw stock and finished goods

Understanding who is responsible for covering your stock and printed items is vital to ensure protection for you and delivery for your clients.

By understanding this and providing appropriate cover allows us to continue to manage your insurance policy throughout the year, keeping in touch with you to ensure details are kept up to date and that the policy remains valid (is updated with new equipment etc) and reflects your needs. This is all part of our post purchase offer.

Cyber and Data Protection

It is highly likely that you have many customer details stored on a database. It is also likely that customers can make orders to you and payments over the internet. These daily transactions are so common and yet are an extremely high risk to a company. If this data is breached, your reputation is on the line, not to mention potential business interruption if you find you cannot work for a day or more. We will enable you to have comprehensive cover for both cyber and data protection to help you quickly recover from any incidents in this area.

Creating your bespoke policy

Acting as your insurance broker, Trust Insurance Group will approach insurance companies after a thorough review of your business. We will present you in the best possible light to obtain the most competitive quotes for you.

We will present quotes to you in a menu format and talk you through your options, including payment and instalment facilities. Working with you, we will build the most suitable insurance policy, at a competitive price.

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