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If you run a business from multiple locations, you have common insurance risks in a number of locations also. Many of these common risks will be covered in what could be a fairly standardised insurance policy but what about the more intricate elements of each site?

A tailored approach

Trust Insurance Group will liaise with each of your sites to ascertain detailed information about each site. This will include the construction of the building, it’s location, what security measures are in place and more. All reports made will be fed back to a central function. By liaising directly with Branch Managers, we are essentially undertaking a timely administrative task on behalf of the company.

We will develop relationships with each of these Managers, making site visits should they be required and conducting a Risk Review across the business, incorporating the individual elements of each site.  By doing so, we can be confident that we can present you to insurers in the best possible light, understanding the overall policies and procedures the company has in place, as well as the small nuances of each site.

Cyber and Data Protection

It is highly likely that you have many customer details and other sensitive data stored on a database throughout your business. If this data is breached, your reputation is on the line, not to mention potential cyber business interruption if you find you are prevented from trading.

We will ensure you have comprehensive cover for both cyber and data protection, in addition to business interruption, to help you quickly recover from any incidents that may arise both financially and reputationally.

Creating your bespoke policy

Acting as your insurance broker, Trust Insurance Group will approach insurance companies after a thorough review of your business portfolio. We will obtain bespoke quotes for you based upon your insurance needs, including the specific needs of each branch.

These quotes will be presented to you in a menu format, which we will talk you through. This includes your options of payment and instalment facilities. Working with you, we will build the most suitable insurance policy, at a competitive price.

Post purchase

We will continue to manage your insurance policy throughout the year, keeping in touch with you and your Branch Managers to ensure details are kept up to date, so that we can work with you if any incidents should arise and ultimately to ensure the policy remains valid and reflects your needs.

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